Image Gallery: tiny odd linear features in Opportunity images (sol 3850)

As the Opportunity rover nears the top of Cape Tribulation, it has been busy as usual examining the rocks it comes across. On sol 3850, a brushing of dust off one of the rocks showed some interesting details. What are the tiny linear “stick-like” objects in this Microscopic Imager view? Mineral fibers? Dislodged feldspar laths? … Read more

Image Gallery: Pillinger Point at Endeavour crater

The Opportunity rover continues to send back wonderful images of its current location on the rim of Endeavour crater. This new panorama shows the view from Pillinger Point (named after the late planetary scientist Colin Pillinger). The Pillinger Point rock outcrop is on the slopes Solander Point, one of the taller peaks on the rim … Read more

Image Gallery: Mount Remarkable and Cape Tribulation

Two more great panoramic images from Damia Bouic, showing the current locations of the Curiosity and Opportunity rovers on Mars. The first from Curiosity is a view of Mount Remarkable, one of the three main buttes in The Kimberley region, where Curiosity will soon do more drilling to search for organics. In the second, Opportunity … Read more

About that ‘mystery rock’ on Mars: no it’s not a plant, but…

There has been a lot of discussion the past few days about that lawsuit filed against NASA for supposedly covering up / failing to investigate evidence of life on Mars by the Opportunity rover. This all has to do of course with that “mystery rock” found by Opportunity, nicknamed Pinnacle Island, which somehow just appeared near the … Read more

What is this mystery rock that ‘appeared’ near the Opportunity rover on Mars?

There is another little Martian mystery that has people talking this week – the odd appearance a few days ago of a small rock a few feet away from the Opportunity rover, it was announced yesterday during the Opportunity: 10 Years on Mars event at NASA. The rock, nicknamed Pinnacle Island, wasn’t in images taken on sol 3528, but was in images taken … Read more