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MESSENGER takes first images of ice near Mercury’s north pole

The Solar System is full of surprises. Mercury, the planet closest to the Sun, is a baking hot world, as would be expected. It is one of the last places where you would think anything would or could be frozen, but things aren’t always as they seem. There has been tantalizing evidence already for water Continue Reading →

An ancient magma ocean on Mercury?

As we have explored the solar system, we have found evidence for different kinds of oceans. Earth of course has its water oceans, while some icy moons like Europa have subsurface water oceans and Saturn’s largest moon Titan has seas and lakes of liquid methane.

Organic-covered ice deposits discovered on Mercury

Well, who would have thought? Water ice on Mercury, that scorched little planet closest to the Sun? That’s just what scientists have found, as well as organic material, at Mercury’s north pole, it was announced yesterday.

Volcanism and hollows on Mercury

A very interesting update today from the MESSENGER mission, the spacecraft which is orbiting the innermost planet, Mercury. Superficially, Mercury resembles our Moon, and is usually thought to be very similar (or even boring compared to some other planets and moons), but new data is showing that it is indeed a unique world in its Continue Reading →


Until now, the innermost and smallest planet, Mercury, had been relatively unexplored apart from the brief flyby by Mariner 10 in the 1970s. But the orbiting MESSENGER spacecraft is changing that, revealing new details about this little world. New images now surface at an average of 250 metres per pixel and a global base colour Continue Reading →

First MESSENGER images from Mercury

The first spacecraft to ever orbit the innermost planet Mercury, MESSENGER, has started sending back some beautiful photos, the first of thousands to be taken over the course of the mission. Appearance-wise, Mercury is very similar to our moon, mostly gray and covered in craters, so perhaps not as exciting as the views from some Continue Reading →


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