Opportunity rover arrives at Whim Creek

Whim Creek, looking south-east. Credit: NASA / JPL / Michael Howard (Midnight Martian)

The Opportunity rover continues to explore Cape York, on the edge of the huge Endeavour crater, and has now arrived at a curious feature that many interested people have been wanting to see close-up – Whim Creek.

Whim Creek, as it is nicknamed, is a wedge-shape “cut” in the northern edge of Cape York. Whether it is a tectonic, impact or fluvial feature, or something else, isn’t known yet. There should be more images over the next few days as well. :-)

Whim Creek, looking north-east. Credit: NASA / JPL / Michael Howard (Midnight Martian)

Orbital view of the northern half of Cape York; Whim Creek is the long “notch” near the northern end. Credit: NASA / JPL
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